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Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for K-8

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Katie Ranftle
March 12, 2014

Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for K-8

The National Mathematics Advisory Panel and the Common Core State Standards emphasize the importance of rational numbers. Watch this multimedia overview to learn why and to receive an introduction to the recommendations on effective fractions instruction in elementary and middle school, including the needed support and training for teachers. The recommended practices in this topic include:

  • Build basic fraction concepts from students’ informal understandings of sharing and proportion. (Fractions Concepts)
  • Use number lines to develop student understanding of fractions as numbers. (Fractions as Numbers)
  • Help students understand why computational procedures with fractions make sense. (Fractions Operations)
  • Develop understanding of proportional relationships before teaching computational procedures. (Ratio, Rate, Proportion)

To facilitate the work of state-, district-, and school-level personnel in translating the recommended practices into actions and policy options, please refer to the State, District, School and Common Core planning templates.

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