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Increased Learning Time: Beyond the Regular School Day

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Katie Ranftle
May 23, 2014

Increased Learning Time: Beyond the Regular School Day

A growing body of research evidence indicates that additional learning time can promote students' academic achievement. Districts and schools can provide additional learning opportunities as part of a longer school day, week, or year; or as an out-of-school program before or after school, on weekends, or during the summer months. This multimedia overview describes research-based practices to effectively design, implement, and evaluate efforts to provide additional learning time.

This topic includes five recommended practices:

  • Align out-of-school academic activities with instruction provided during the regular school day. (Align Instruction)
  • Maximize student participation and attendance. (Maximize Attendance)
  • Provide engaging instruction tailored to students' needs, a part of out-of-school programs. (Organize Instruction)
  • Evaluate implementation and outcomes to improve program quality. (Evaluate Program)
  • Structure instructional time to engage, enrich, and support students, as part of a longer school day, week, or year. (Structure Time)

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