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Data for Instruction

When teachers and administrators have access to comprehensive student data and an understanding of what the information all means, they are better able to make decisions that meet the needs of individual students and the school community as a whole. But what does it mean to effectively use data?

This collection explores how educators can use data to guide them as they refine teaching and learning by making data use part of an ongoing improvement cycle and encouraging student data use for self assessment and goal setting. While data use in the classroom is a start, it's important to develop a shared understanding of why and how data use is prioritized. Administrators and teachers need to buy into a schoolwide vision for data and work together to foster a data-driven culture. All of these practices work best when supported by a well-maintained system for collecting, maintaining and sharing districtwide data.

To learn more about the research underlying these practices, view the IES Practice Guide, Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making.

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