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6. Implementation

Establish a systemwide framework for RtI to support the three recommended practices.

Implementation encompasses the groundwork and support needed to put the recommended practices into action. RtI begins with a systemwide framework that includes universal screening and ongoing progress monitoring, differentiated instruction based on data, and systematic teaching that is explicit and focused on foundational skills. Districts and schools need leadership and specific guidance at all levels to support implementation of the components of a multi-tiered system. State-level leadership teams can inform policy decisions and provide guidance on assessments, instructional resources, and funding allocation. Some states have provided high-level support for RtI implementation through special training or technical assistance centers that are charged with working with local districts and schools. In those cases, district-level teams can access professional development and coaching in RtI implementation. Schools will need to provide extensive training and ongoing support to staff to ensure fidelity and sustain an RtI framework.